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The club organises a number of river, surf and sea kayaking trips for members throughout the year.

River Grading: Beginner = Grade 1/2, Intermediate = Grade 2/3, Experienced = Grade 3/4

Sea Kayak Grading: Click Here

Please click on organiser link & advise trip/date also hire & transportation needs that are required.

(Canoeing/Kayaking is a risk sport, there is a chance of serious injury or death.)


Completed Trips / Events for 2013

Saturday 9th February

Sea Kayaking Trip

Montrose to Lunan Bay

(3 went)

A Ian Stuart Ian Stuart, Iain Currie, Ron Clark
Sun 24th February

River Dee

Park Bridge to Maryculter Bridge

1/2 Rachel Hannan  
Sun 7th April

Sea Kayaking Day Trip

Fife - Crail to Elie

(5 went)

A Graham Norrie Graham Norrie, Ian Stuart, Iain Currie, Graham Currie, Sean Sullivan
4th & 5th May

Weekend Sea Kayaking Trip


(12 went)

A Graham Currie Kenny MacDonald, Graham Norrie, Eolanda Norrie, Andy Boakes, Judy McLeod, Ian Stuart, Ian Hamilton, Graham Currie, Alison Currie, Marion Chalmers, Martin Lieper, Peter Shand
1st & 2nd June

Weekend Sea Kayaking Trip

Wild Camping

Firth of Clyde - Cumbrae, Little Cumbrae and Bute

(5 went)

A Ian Stuart Ian Stuart, Andy Boakes, Judy McLeod, Iain Currie, Ron Clark
17th & 18th August

Weekend Sea Kayaking Trip



A/B Graham Norrie Graham Norrie, Eolanda Norrie, Marion Chalmers, Martin Lieper

Future Trips / Events Planned 2013

Only trips published on the Stonehaven Canoe Club website are to be considered as club trips. Members may arrange their own trips, and invite others via either email or Facebook, but must make it very clear that the trip is not being run by the club.

Anyone participating in non-club trips should personally ensure that they, and those they will be paddling with, have skill levels appropriate to the venue and conditions. Do not assume that others will make such decisions for you - your safety is your own responsibility.

Members wishing to go on a trip should contact the trip organiser in advance.

Please bring your Emergency contact card with you each time you attend a Monday evening session or any other kayaking/canoeing trip including pool sessions. We'd like to make this compulsory as your emergency card provides important information that the coaches and leaders need to know about.

May Onwards

Monday Night Sea Kayaking

Starting in May

Every Monday, meet at 18.00 hrs and ready to paddle for 18.30 hrs from Stonehaven Harbour.

N/A Graham Norrie N/A

26th October

Tay Descent

Organised by the SCA - See link below for entry form


2/3 N/A  
Would you like to organise a club trip? Contact a committee member to advertise it.