Pool Nights





The Friday night, pool sessions are held at Stonehaven Leisure Centre and are for 1½ hours running from 8.30pm to 10pm.

Unfortunately as a result of Stonehaven Leisure Centre Pool being closed for Refurbishment we will be unable to run pool sessions in 2024.




Details for each type of session are given below. Please note that all sessions have to be pre-booked. Allocation of places will be on a first come basis.

To book a place e-mail: Julie Cramond (j.cramond) stating session, including which group, names of people and for the Members Open Session the type of boat being brought along.

Once you have received confirmation of a place, please make payment within 10 days in order to secure it. Payment can be made by either banking online or a cheque made payable to Stonehaven Canoe Club. Further details for both will be forwarded.

Booking of sessions is open only to existing members up to 1st December; thereafter details will be placed on the website and open to new members.

Participants, if not already a member, must take out membership to SCC prior to starting the session.


Novice Sessions……..cost £110 per person for a block of 4 x 1.5 hrs sessions including annual membership fee and boat hire for sign off
These sessions are aimed new members/complete beginners and/or the paddler who has got some paddling experience and wants to refresh their skills in warm water. We are running two sets of sessions for novices.
Limited to 6 people

Open Sessions…cost £10 per person, per 1.5 hrs session
This session is aimed at anyone who wants to practice skills on their own or with some assistance/advice from a coach. Also for improvers who want to work on a particular stroke or consolidate their rolling using either the club’s or their own river boat. These sessions allow members to bring their own boats to the pool or use the Club’s river boats. When sending booking request please state the type of boat being brought i.e. sea kayak, play boat etc (only 2 sea kayaks will be allowed per session)
Limited to 6 people half pool, 12 people full pool

Improver / Open Session……..cost £10 per person for a block of 1 x 1.5 hrs sessions
This session is aimed at anyone who is keen to develop their kayaking skills following on from skills learned in the Novice sessions and/or those who wish work on their roll, improve strokes, etc. Limited to 6 people.

Rescue Skills……..cost £10 per person for a block of 1 x 1.5 hrs sessions
This session is aimed at anyone who is keen to develop their rescue skills. Working in small groups there will be opportunity to practice self and group rescues. This is open to new and experienced paddlers. Members will be able to bring their own boats although the number of boats in the water at one time will be limited as the pool space dictates. Limited to 12 people and a maximum of 8 sea kayaks.

Please note that any boats being brought in must be washed in fresh water prior to being brought to the pool to avoid contamination of the pool.